Saving $

We have been crazy busy, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact things are going to kick up another notch.  It’s ball season people! That means baseball, softball and kickball wooo!

Anywho, the hubs saw on another blog how that person retired by the time they were 40. WIth that news found, hubs has started us on the fast track to trying to retire by the time we are 50. I am down with not having to work in roughly 20 years, but so far the changes have been a little stressful.

Here is what we have done so far.

1. Got rid of the maid!!! She only came twice a month, but with as busy as we are it was awesome to know that things were getting a good scrub down even though I wasn’t able to do it.

~ Now I make the kids help me clean more, and I try to keep up with the house even though I am tired. Scrubbing happens whenever I have a free moment. Isn’t cleaning what Saturday is for?

2. We turned down our internet bandwidth. Not a problem, and honestly doesn’t really change much internet wise, but it cut down the cost.

3. We have  stopped going out to eat cold turkey. No more picking up food on the way from the gym because I am just tired to cook.

~ This doesn’t mean that we will never ever go out to eat again or pick up food. We are just really trying to not go down that road.  So far in the three weeks we have done this we have picked up food one time. It was for a date night last Saturday. Oh man it was so amazing. I honestly think that this will help us to enjoy those meals a little more.

4. I am cooking more. A lot more. I meal plan for the week and on Sunday nights I cook. I try to make as much as I can in advance, and I also reuse.  Ex: If we have country fried steak for dinner on Tuesday night, I will make homemade sausage pizza for Wednesday night. Then I will make sausage gravy out of the left over white gravy and sausage. Waaalaaa biscuits and gravy for breakfast Thursday morning! You get the picture.

5. I have also changed how I grocery shop. I only buy what we will need and also make snacks and such instead of buying them. We eat a lot of fresh fruit. If the apples go yucky I will make apple dump cake, brown bananas means hello banana bread. Tonight I tried my hand at homemade graham crackers, and apple chips. Go me right?!

Here is the great news. All of our changes are paying off. We have had extra money due to not spending it on random items and such. That means we were able to send extra moola to our debts! I’m sure that as long as we stick to our guns and keep going the way we have been, we will continue to see more money in our bank account. It can be a little frustrating, but so far we are seeing positive things.

I’ll keep you posted…

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