Sleeping Beauty Party

For C’s 8th birthday she wanted it to be themed after her favorite princess Aurora. Since there isn’t as much Sleeping Beauty out there at the moment I had to get a little creative.  I printed off the three fairies and a big image of Aurora. I made a couple of posters, using quotes and we hung up streamers.

IMG_20150912_163431 IMG_20150912_163454 IMG_20150912_163504 IMG_20150912_163520

We played wake the princess. C was the first to be the sleeping princess. Whoever made her last first was the second. We were joining in by helping out with jokes, and ideas to get them to giggle. Honestly I don’t think they enjoyed it and I probably wouldn’t have them play it again.


The other party activity that we had was for them to decorate their own pillow cases. I purchased fabric markers and stencils and provided the white pillow cases. They took their pillow case home as one of the party favors. They spent the majority of the party time being creative. I’m so glad that I picked this activity. My kids both put their personalized cases on their pillows as soon as the party was over.

IMG_20150912_140512 IMG_20150912_143322


C requested an ice cream cake again like she did last year. This one for some reason didn’t want to stay together. I used teh sixlet candies as decoration and made my own buttercream frosting. We also had cupcakes. If you want to know how I made the ice cream cake let me know. I will be happy to share it.



I love making my kids birthdays special. It stresses me out and it takes around a month of planning. It may not end up the way I imagine it, but they have always loved it.

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