Softball birthday party

Bug decided that she wanted a softball themed birthday party this year. So of course I made it happen. I browsed pinterest and pinned several amazing ideas. Then I got to work.

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For the invites I used a cd to trace my circle. Yellow paper and red sharpie equals a simple and quick softball invite.

For our game I had to enlist the hubs help. We made a corn hole type throwing game.

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We used a piece of plywood and my hubs got to use his saw to cut out the circles. We spray painted the board white and then I used neon spray paint to make the ball. Red acrylic paint for the stripes and black paint pen for the words. We bought the corn bags off of amazon.  We played 2 “innings” and broke the kids into 2 teams. Each kid had a turn to toss. Three “pitches or strikes” and if they left a “Man” on base the next batter(person throwing the bag) could advance the runner. We used a chalk board to help keep score.

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The kids also made washer necklaces. We used acrylic paint and sponge brushes. I bought the washers (3/8 x 1-1/4) at Walmart. Once the paint was dry the kids could use paint pens. Once they were complete we sprayed them with sealant. I used silver ribbon to make the chain part of the necklace.

img_20160910_130008-1 img_20160910_130014-1img_20160910_130028

I went with simple decorations. Red and black streamers for her softball team colors. We blew up yellow balloons and I drew the lines on with a red sharpie. She wore her jersey and the hubs and I wore our coaches shirts. I really debated on having the other players that were attending to wear their jerseys, but I figured the people not from our team might have felt left out. With her being the only one it made her birthday more special I think.

Party favors were all food lol. They were made up of bubble gum, sunflower seeds and I made puppy chow with yellow sixlets sprinkled in. Plus the kids had their washer necklaces. No little cheap toys from this party!


Her cake was really simple to make. I used 2 round cake pans. I filled 1 pan a little fuller so the cake would round out a little. Iced it with yellow butter cream icing and added some red stripes. Boom cake was done.  I used yellow sixlets around the base of the cake. It gave it a more finished look. Cupcakes were iced with chocolate butter cream icing. I was going to make them look like a bat, but that didn’t look right as I had to written on the cupcakes.

img_20160910_143500 img_20160910_143533 img_20160910_143658

I love that I can make my kids birthday parties special and individualized. I’m tired from the party, but so worth it!


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