Tell me something good

I listen to the Bobby Bones radio show on my way to work in the mornings. They have a segment called Tell me something good. The people on the show then share something positive that they read about or heard about in the news. I thought about it for a while and I liked the idea of sharing something positive with others. A few weeks ago a woman called into the show and explained how she has her family share something good that they heard about or read at the dinner table. So more thought and I decided to go with it. Now when we sit down for dinner we share something good about our day. We would typically talk about our days anyway, but this makes all of us stop and think about what really want to share as our something good.


Right now since the kids are little it is typically them talking about who they played with, or of something they feel played an important role in their day. The hubs and I will say something they understand.An example would be B telling me he ran fast at recess. With whatever is said it leads to a confidence builder because the hubs and I will say how we are proud of him for running fast and liking to run. Our adult one would be the hubs mentioning finishing a project. That wold lead to the kids asking about what the project was and so on. Tell me something good at the dinner table is definitely an awesome addition. I see the kids becoming more interested in Mommy and Daddy’s day and learning more about what we all enjoy doing or are accomplishing.

I am hoping that as they get older, the something goods will evolve to including outside news other than just what is going on with our family throughout the day.

Give it a try… Tell someone something good.

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