Thinking about yoga.

I haven’t ran in a while, unless you count when it is part of my workout at the gym. I have been a lot of lifting and cross fit type stuff. Now I am thinking about trying yoga. My body is so tight that touching my toes is a challenge. I would be afraid to run anything more than mile with how tight my muscles are. I have done some yoga on my own, but I was never sure I was doing the poses right. This is a tough decision and a little scary lol. Any advice or tips?


By the way I am so tired. B was up at 3am with his ear hurting. He wouldn’t couldn’t go back to sleep. After a trip to the dr with the hubs, B has a double ear infection. Meds have kicked in and he is doing a little better. I hope tonight goes a lot better than last.   I am one tired mama. So tired that I didn’t got o the gym.

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