Tornado costume

My daughter told me she wanted to be Dorthy from the wizard of Oz. I decided after looking on pinterest that I would talk my son into being a tornado. Today we had a Halloween party to attend. My kids won first place because of how amazing my son’s costume was.

Here is how I made it:


I started out with a thing of chicken wire. I bought it at Lowes but I’m sure you can by it at any hardware or farm supply store. I had to use different section to form the tornado.


I used about 13 bags of the fake spider webbing to wrap the chicken wire. I wove some of it through the wire to make sure it held.


I lightly spray painted it gray to make it have the right amount of color.

IMG_20141018_102151 IMG_20141018_102200

I zip ties some hot wheels cars a little john deer tractor and a little Superman to it.

Here are the kids.


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