Weekend getaway

Wow long time no post. Oops.

The weekend of the February 1st the hubs and I had a little mini getaway. We stayed at the Crescent Hotel which is supposed to be haunted. We didn’t do much. Watched movies, ate some yummy food, had a massage and went on the haunted ghost tour. We didn’t leave the hotel and that was fine by me. We needed some time away from life to relax and regroup. With both of us taking on more of a management role at our places of employment the little getaway was awesome.

The hotel was built in 1886, and went from being a hotel, to a hospital, to vacant and then back to a hotel. I’m glad we stayed there, but I don’t think we would stay there again. It was creaky, and we had to walk up hill in the bathroom to reach the toilet lol.

Here are some pictures from our stay.

IMG_20150130_223218 IMG_20150130_223226 What our room looked like.

IMG_20150131_110000 IMG_20150131_110029 IMG_20150201_090830

IMG_20150201_093017 IMG_20150201_092950 IMG_20150201_090518 IMG_20150201_090414 Our beautiful view. If you look carefully, you can see the giant Jesus though the trees.

IMG_20150131_232115 IMG_20150131_230309 IMG_20150201_093939 IMG_20150131_230141 IMG_20150131_214505 IMG_20150131_170459

The hallway with the plastic is being renovated. During the ghost tour, I had a reaction on that floor. I started to feel really heavy and began to sweat. Everyone else felt fine. Perhaps I was reacting to a ghost… The blue glowing chair and the hospital sign are also from the tour. The hallway with the dresser reminded me of the Shinning. I kept expecting the twins to show up. I thought the banister was cool and the bed with the straps was creepy.

IMG_20150201_095104 IMG_20150201_094540 IMG_20150201_094526 IMG_20150201_094337 IMG_20150201_094044 IMG_20150201_094014

The lobby was really awesome. I loved the fire pace and the details on it. The hotel also has two resident cats. I guess they will follow guests to their rooms and spend the night. Thankfully they didn’t follow us.

It was for sure a neat experience, and I had one of the best massages ever there. Plus for Sunday brunch they served mimosas’ and had a chocolate fountain. That right there is a win in my book!

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