Zombie run update

For starters, I had a blast. My team was so much fun to run with! I’ll give some details on how the race worked. It was a 5k fun run.Each runner had two balloons tied to them and if they were popped by a zombie, you died. Zombies didn’t run around chasing you. They were set up in different spots around the course and the runners had to get through a group of roughly 7-8 zombies. I sadly died running through the last group of zombies. I knew the people that were the zombies, so I yelled at them not to get me. Like a true zombie they got me anyway.  Costumes were encouraged for the race. I went as a pirate and I made a amazeballs shirt. One of my team mates went as little red riding hood.

Here are some pics  to enjoy of me well running lol.

To make the shirt I used a plain white t-shirt and printed off the pirate skull from google images. Used a black and a red sharpie and it turned out great! On a sad note I washed it and now its got a little pink going on since the red bled.

IMG_20141031_212827 IMG_20141101_170551 (1)IMG_20141101_162843

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